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@Godderstwit Or his wife said I told it was a Right turn 😂 @BlickyIan 0 1
My kind of picture Top ! @BlickyIan 1 17
RT @marklanebiz: This may be the lowest pass ever,
Spitfire flown by the late Ray Hanna
...via @CcibChris
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I’m not a doctor ( apparently Assad is ) but there is something not quite right with the mad staring eyes and the f… @BlickyIan 3 30
RT @WebChasse: This picture was taken, well... may be 10 years ago. Still a blast :)
// Cette photo a été prise il y a peut-être 10 ans. Et…
@BlickyIan 6 0
A painting by a chap named Tom from one of my photos- very impressive @LightningFHQ @BlickyIan 30 213
Johnny you have my utmost respect - spot on @BlickyIan 3 14
RT @RAeSTimR: #aviation lecture, RAeS Chester Branch, 11 April, 'BLADE revisited - a first overview on flight test' #avgeek… @BlickyIan 3 0
This is the future- I agree it makes Concorde look futuristic or certainly retro - the 787 has a certain “ Comet” l… @BlickyIan 0 28
@Hernaman1 That seems to have been a controversial thing to say ! Just when you look at A350 B787 all modern airliners look the same @BlickyIan 0 1
Amazing formation keeping from the rear No 4 pilot @BlickyIan 2 20
Always seem to get a great hotel room wherever I am @BlickyIan 0 11
Nice view of Concorde as we departed - looks old fashioned but still looks cool @BlickyIan 4 62
Aim 9L anyone ? 😂🦊 @BlickyIan 6 76
Off to San Fran and my 787 has sidewinders fitted !!! Result 😂 @BlickyIan 1 17
@DT_britain Must have been plugged in a while 😂... congratulations non the less - @BlickyIan 0 8
@OldPlot One of the best images I’ve Sydney I’ve seen ! @BlickyIan 0 0
RT @Armee_de_lair: [#Magazine] Il est enfin dans vos kiosques : votre magazine préféré du mois d'avril a été livré. Retrouvez-le via l'appl… @BlickyIan 19 0
@OldPlot @thierath Genuine footage of a friend of mine who flies A330s - he’s ok 👍 @sirankin @BlickyIan 1 4
Or what if we all opt for free education for life .. who pays then ??? @BlickyIan 0 2
Free Education for life is that funded ?? @BlickyIan 0 3
Screen grab - shot from My forthcoming book Vickers VC10 @BremontMilitary @BremontNick the book covers pretty much… @BlickyIan 4 52
Tornado Tuesday - when we started flying the F2/3 someone had the bright idea of putting 2250 litre fuel tanks on t… @BlickyIan 1 42
@gmwaterfall You’ve probably been faster .... backwards ! @BlickyIan 1 1
@Wiwol11and19 It was a single jet the other 3 has gone U/S @BlickyIan 0 4