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RT @dontforgetchaos: As a person who Vapes........ I have to agree. @BlickyIan 9 0
Amusing Dutch Girl I met - love the Cloggies humour @BlickyIan 0 10
@jumbo747pilot Chewing gum then ...looks so much cooler chewing gum than lighting a cigarette after you’ve jumped out @BlickyIan 0 3
@oldaviation @Aviationdailyy @1991DesertStorm Didn’t often see them by day ... Tabuk ? @BlickyIan 0 0
RT @MbKS15: BREAKING: #RSAF Tornado crashed in Sa'dah, #Yemen, near the #Saudi southern borders, both pilots safely ejected and rescued. ht… @BlickyIan 213 0
@Godderstwit Sorry yes I phone ....and motorbike keys @BlickyIan 0 0
@jumbo747pilot I would also add ... my I phone 📱 sad but it’s my brain now ...and it has a camera @BlickyIan 0 1
@JohnNicholRAF @BBCiPlayer Started to watch it gave up after 1 episode utter bollocks - now McMafia is good @BlickyIan 0 2
RT @LeaveEUOfficial: Trump hits the banking giants with a tax worth billions on their sheltered overseas profits. Ouch!

Tackling grubby c…
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RT @Some_BlackGuy: Pretty sure @jordanbpeterson should be in prison for murder. @BlickyIan 13475 0
RT @JohnstoneFire: BREAKING NEWS
Due to the extremely cold weather conditions we are experiencing, The Council is asking if mothers could w…
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@Haggis_UK Total Cock ..sorry no point pussy footing around .. @BlickyIan 0 0
@JohnNicholRAF Good grief you kept the MB handle - where did you hide that in the cooler ? 😂 I’m hoping they found it afterwards ! @BlickyIan 0 4
@JohnNicholRAF Thank you for filling in the gaps - did they give you a souvenir? @BlickyIan 0 1
@MarkBate_UK I think they were polishing the floor that day 😂 @BlickyIan 0 1
Mr Bond we’ve been expecting you @BlickyIan 0 11
That will be the paint on the bonnet melting then ! Forest 🔥 @BlickyIan 1 2
Capetown is experiencing a major drought with frequent bush fires 🔥 driving back into Town was interesting to say t… @BlickyIan 0 6
A well know British Test Pilot said this about the Javelin ( he was an ex Lightning and Hunter pilot ) “ The Javeli… @BlickyIan 6 26
Clinging on to life - just the Gloster Dragmaster - guarding the priceless Thunder City collection - wish I could s… @BlickyIan 17 82
@JohnNicholRAF Great artwork though I thought the sidewinder went bang ? And had you dropped your JP233 ? But that… @BlickyIan 0 3
I have to say @themountnelson I have to say the service here in Capetown is beyond expectations indeed exceptional-… @BlickyIan 0 9
@JohnNicholRAF Great Painting JN - did you commission it ? Looks like a cover from a war mag- you should write a book 😂 @BlickyIan 0 7
@RAFRed1 Great atmospheric @BlickyIan 0 1
@RyanMain2208 I never knew one was in Uk @BlickyIan 0 0
@RyanMain2208 The glass is not funky enough so no worry @BlickyIan 0 1